Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Business Cards

I came home from Haven with TONS of business cards from my new friends!!

They are all so dang creative and individualized.  Love them all!!  Some even included some little prizes like chocolate, tea and a mini pencil.  Too cute!!  

About 2 weeks before Haven I thought I ought to have some business cards.  Um yeah, nothing like the last minute.  But it all worked out because I remembered that Staples does business cards.  I was able to put my order in 1 evening and pick them up the next day.

I used the software on their website and made this card.  I wanted my cards to be a little different so I did the orientation vertical instead of horizontal.  I uploaded my little she's crafty girl and put it on the card along with my info.

To add a little somethin' something to the cards I filled in the girls with glossy accents.

It's kinda hard to take a photo of, but the little girls are clear and raised.

I'm off to go through this big ol' stack and check out more business cards and blogs.  


  1. SUCH a cute idea to embellish your little icon like that :)

  2. All the business cards looking so crafty. Some business cards looking so cute who includes pencil or chocolate or some other thing.

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