Inexpensive frames

I love the inexpensive wooden frames you can get at the craft store. I have many of them decorated in many ways...modge podged with paper or fabric and of course, painted. I recently gave 3 of mine a makeover. They were painted black and I wanted something brighter so I spray painted them apple green right over the top of the black.

Then I took them outside and gave them a sanding with my handy-dandy mouse sander. I love this thing!

I just kept sanding until I was happy with the amount of black showing through the green.

After sanding, I gave them a spray of sealer- acrylic matte finish.

And here they are with their photos back in them. Look at those cute kids!!

Here is another one painted black and sanded around the edges, with some cute Halloween ribbon simply tied around it. We did some of these for a recent Enrichment activity for my church.
These frames would also make really great Christmas gifts. Paint it to match the decor of the recipient, then frame a beloved picture, a stitchery (my friend Sandy did one of each of her kids) an initial, or some cute scrapbook paper, etc. An inexpensive and easy gift.