Day 6- Ornament wreath

Today's project is an ornament wreath. I have seen these here and here.

Start with a wire hanger and some unbreakable ornaments. (And don't forget the peanut M&M's to help any project go faster.) They are sold at the dollar store, in really cute colors. I got mine at Walmart because I was there and didn't want to take my grumpy, needs a nap toddler to another store.
Unwind the wire hanger and start feeding the ornaments onto it through the holder. Before you start the threading though, hot glue the holder onto the ornament. They seem like they are attached to the ornament really well, but once you start moving them around a little, they pop off. Keep adding ornaments until you get to the size you want. Then just wrap the hanger back together and use the rounded part of the hanger that you hand on the rod to hang your wreath with.

I covered the hanger with ribbon and let it trail down a little bit.

And here it is on my ugly, blue front door(it's on the perpetual list of things to be fixed and/or replaced). The prettiness fo the wreath almost makes one forget just how ugly that door is. Almost!
6 days of projects down, 6 more to go!