Spring Refreshing

I've been doing a little spring fixing up around my house. I wanted to do it on the cheap so I refreshed some of the things I already had.

This little setting is inside my front door.

This star is brown underneath. I change my mind all the time and wanted a non-permanent color change. So I covered it with scrapbook paper. To do this-I traced one of the sides on scratch paper, traced it onto my patterned paper, then cut 10 different pieces out and used adhesive to glue them on. Then when I decide to change the color I can just take the paper off.

I used some ribbon to hang the star. It adds a little cuteness and color.

I just rearranged the pictures and the letters on the shelf. For the top S I took the back off an old picture frame, hot glued the glass into it and put a vinyl S on the front. I need to add something near the black S to balance it out.

This is the hutch in the dining area.

For this-I found the glass cover and plate at a yard sale for $1 and have had in it my stash for a while. I used old knobs for feet and spray painted it. Then I tied ribbons onto the glass. I bought the bird at Dollar Tree and spray painted white.

This candle holder used to be a brick red color. So I sprayed it green and added a patterened paper star.

And this cute thing is one of the treasures I brought back from my Utah trip. The iron people come from Rodworks and this is how they had them displayed in their store. Luckily I had this iron scrolly thing and used some ribbons to tie the people on.
Now I'm ready for it to warm up and be Spring!