My Faves

I am joining a linky party that 320 Sycamore is hosting.

These are a few of my favorite things! (are you singing that song from the Sound of Music now? )

This mop from O Cedar. It rocks! It has a refillable spray bottle and washable pads. It cleans our hardwood floors so well and doesn't leave streaks.

I have a million little notebooks arounds the house to write my to do lists, Christmas lists, project lists, my journal etc.

This little Black and Decker Mouse hand sander-makes sanding go so much smoother. (haha)

Diet Mountain Dew- fuel!

iphone- I can't live without it!!! I go into a panic attack when I can't find it.

2 cleaners I can't live without: Invisible glass cleaner- works like a charm on mirrors and is streak free; Antibacterial Windex- I clean all my bathrooms and kitchen counters with this.

I've always used inexpensive make up products and couldn't figure out why I didn't get good results. My make up bled, smeared under my eyes, etc. A few months ago, I had my make up done at Ulta. I am now a convert to good mascara (I'm using Bad gal Lash from Ulta), eye primer (seriously, you must try it! I use Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion), and waterproof eyeliner (I confess that I'm using the super inexpensive E.L.F but it works wonderfully!)