Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Since red is my favorite color- and I'm the one doing the decorating- we have used red, white and green in our tree for the past few years.  
This year I added these large candycanes.  Super simple to make- I took large pipecleaners (from Hobby Lobby) simply wound them around each other and bent one end.  I LOVE them sticking out of the top of the tree with the red and green picks.

The garland is a premade red and white pom pom garland- purchased at Walmart many years ago. 

We buy new ornaments every year to represent what we did that year.  Here you can see some from years past- soccer and video games for my son and my angel ornament from my childhood almost 20 years ago.  (makes me feel old!)

One can't live in Nashville without having an ornament from the Grand Ole Opry!
Everyone's names are represented with glittered initials.
Here is the entire thing!


  1. Love your tree (and especially those candy canes)! Just found a bit of that pom pom garland at a thrift and promptly decorated a foam/cone tree with it... I too LOVE red n white. Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. What a fun tree! Really, it turned out great. I love the bright red and how cool is that, that you have all the glittery initials. So cute!

    Thanks for linking!!


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