I'm still trying to dig out...

 We decided 5 days before hand to drive to Utah for the Holidays.  It's 27 hours away from our house.
 After spending an extra 5 hours in a really ugly snow storm in Wyoming, we made it!!
 We had Christmas part I in our hotel room.  It was lots of fun.  We also got to visit Grandparents on both sides, eat at lots of yummy Utah restaurants and stock up at the Quilted Bear, Deseret Book and LDS Distribution.
 After 4 days of Utah fun, we drove home and had Christmas part II at our house. 
This is what unpacking from a huge road trip, putting away Christmas gifts and decorations and getting caught up on laundry looks like.  SCARY!!  I'll hopefully be back to regularly scheduled programing soon.  As soon as all this mess gets cleaned up.  And my kids go back to school.  Not necessarily in that order.

Happy New Year!