The in between decorating

I have professed my love for holiday decorating over and over. So it makes me sad (but kind of happy too) to take down my Christmas decorations. And I don't want to immediately put up Valentine stuff because Valentine's Day is more than a month away and since I have a really short decorating attention span, I know I'll get sick of everything by then. So I usually do a little winter decorating.

This is my favorite thing...I put felt snowflakes on the inside of the lampshades. A little surprise when one turns on the lights.

the whole shelf

a little jar of snowballs. They are just fluffy yarn covered balls and some snowman heads from Target.

a snowman and a vase with snow (Epsom salt) and a rusty snowflake

 the dining area
Oops...there's that low decorating attention span thing happening.  This shelf changed between the 2 pics.  I added another mercury glass candlestick.  The ball is another yarn covered one and the fluff is a white tissue paper pom pom. 

Coming up next...Valentine's projects!