All You Need is Love | DIY sign

Easy Instructions to
make a DIY sign.

all you need is love, sign

We've all seen the "All You Need is Love" 
signs all over the place right?  
Well, I hadn't seen one in my house, so I remedied that situation. 

Are you singing that song now? 
All you need is   Love is all you need.

I started with this sign.  
It was a gift to one of my boys. 
 If I had my way, their room would 
be done with vintage cars 
and I would have hung this sign in there.  
But I don't have my way - 
their room is Star Wars.  Boo.  
Anyway- the point is, the sign wasn't 
being used so I commandeered it. 

I took some mod podge and kraft paper and covered those cars up.

I brushed the mod podge
all over the surface of the sign, then laid the kraft paper on.
Not neatly. 
I tried to smooth.  It didn't work out. 
So I decided I liked the imperfections. 

After the mod podge dried,
I dusted off my foam letter stamps and laid out my words. 
I just eyeballed the placement and used craft paint to stamp them on.

Ta dah!!

I'm going to leave this up after Valentines! 
I love the way it turned out -very simple and a nice sentiment!