Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Calm and Tranquil Master Bedroom Makeover on a budget

We all need a place to retreat at the end 
of a busy day!
I'm going to share my

Calm and Tranquil Master 
Bedroom Makeover

that was done on a budget

Calm and Tranquil master bedroom makeover done on a budget

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It fills me with such joy having a haven
to rest and relax!

Before the makeover,
this room was the opposite of relaxing
it was loud and messy!

Now it is a calm and tranquil
room to catch my breath
after a long day of being a mom!

The entire room is painted Ashwood by Behr.

There is a small hall at the entrance to our bedroom.  
I stenciled the wall to look like wallpaper.
The light color is Chocolate Froth by Behr.
I made the burlap wreath (similar to this one) 
along with a collection of tarnished silver trays.

Calm and Tranquil Master Bedroom Makeover, wall stencil, Ashwood by Behr, Chocolate Froth by Behr

The bed is covered with a cream quilt set (similar here)
and various pillows that I have sewn from
napkins and even an old sweater.
I added mine and my husbands initals
in a monogram above the headboard.  (similar here)

I found perfect wooden bedside tables
at a store locally (similar here).  
I styled the tables with silver lamps and white shades (similar here),
and trays that I painted yellow (similar here).

For the art above the bedside table,
I used canvas stretcher frames that I painted
and distressed and stapled fabric to the back.
frame fabric.  

For one of the walls in the bedroom
I used thrift store white plates.
I used these plate holders to
hang them on the wall.

Above our chest of drawers
that was purchased at a local furniture store,
I used free printables (similar here)
in spray painted thrift store frames.

On top of the chest is a thrift store tray
that holders a vintage enamelware pitcher
with florals from the craft store,
and mercury glass candle holders (similar here)

I painted the window wall the same treatment 
as the entrance hall.
I used gray grommet curtains (similar here).
The mini couch is from IKEA.

On the large wall we put our entertainment
center that matched our chest of drawers.
Above the EC I used paper mache boxes and an
old suitcase from the flea market. 
To the left side I did a photo collage of my husband
and me.
To the right side photo ledge shelves I built
with photos of my babies! 

I am so happy with the way 
my Master Bedroom Makeover turned out.
And the best part is that it was done on a budget.  

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  1. I love it! You really tied all the colors and shapes in so nicely.

  2. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Have you ever considered consulting???

  3. It is all so cute Candice! I'm definitely going to copy the stencil thing. Great Job!

  4. Love it!! My favorite part is the stenciling!!

  5. Absolutely Beautiful!! Love the wall color...excellent accessory choices too!!!

  6. Your room is beautiful!! What is the wall I colour?

  7. I absolutely love your bedroom makeover! It turned out so beautiful! I Love every detail. You did such a good job.

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  9. love everything about it, especially your "wallpaper." such a soothing room!

  10. Holy mackerel your bedroom looks awesome! It's come a long way and I love how it turned out! :)

  11. Stopping by from Just A Girl. The stencil is gorgeous and I love the monogram. Great job!

  12. So cute. Love how it turned out. Great job. Stopped by from Just a Girl

  13. Coming to you via TT & J. What can I say, I love it all! Great job!

  14. wow... your room turned out beautiful... love all the little details :)

  15. LOVE it! I just painted my room gray a couple of weeks ago but haven't done anything else yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. This is SO lovely! What a huge master bedroom! I love the colors - the greyish taupe is supposed to the the "it" color right now! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm expecting a blog post of your boy's room now with a map - ;-)

    Have fun!

  17. Candice! This looks amazing!! I love the gray with pops of yellow, and may need to replicate this in our vanilla master bedroom. You know I love to copy your house! (ie: your playroom PBK knock off from years ago!) I love, love, love what you've done here - especially the monogram. Such a good job.

  18. Love your bedroom! I especially like the stenciling!! Beautiful!


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