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My kids are sick.  Like way sick.  The littlest started throwing up on Thursday.  Lovely.  The bigs thought it looked like fun and joined in at 3:00am on Sunday.  Even lovelier!  All 3 of them are still sick.  So in between my laundry doing and carpet scrubbing I decided to do a little something for myself.  For my sanity. 

It all started with this little beauty I picked up at Goodwill.

Here it is after I took out the painting.  Love the chunkiness- about the only place chunky is a good thing. But it was looking kinda boring sitting there empty.  It needed a little something in the center.  But since I have RDD (ReDecorating Disorder) I wanted to be able to change out the decorations.  Enter clothespins.  Decorative clothespins. 

Here are the steps to make them (I know I spelled attach wrong.  The photo editor I used doesn't have spell check. I need to take remedial spelling.)

then I took my trusty stapler and attached ribbon to the frame

Now I can change out the artwork easily.

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