Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's been going on

It's been busy! 
I've been cleaning up a LOT of this...

working on making over my bedroom...

being the supervisor while my sweetie changed out a light fixture...

doing LOTS of this...

but hardly any of this (notice the pan is empty)...

definitely way too much of this...

giving our 2 year old guppies (seriously are they supposed to really live that long?) a new home...

and editing an engagement photo shoot I did for some friends (don't cha love that aqua brick wall?)

Still to do:
  • put the finishing touches on my bedroom
  • paint my bathroom and frame that ugly builders mirror (seen above in the light fixture picture)
  • paint the kids' bathroom
  • supervise while the sweetie changes out the light fixture in that bathroom too
  • get my stinkin drivers license renewed.  I tried to do it yesterday but I didn't have proof of residency.  Even though nothing about my living status has changed and I've never even been outside of the the United States- I have to dig out and take in my birth certificate.  So annoying. 
  • and try not to come down the the funk that has kept my daughter home from school the past two days.
Even though it doesn't sound like fun, I love my life and wouldn't change it for anything!


  1. Thank God for these boring little days. I used to get upset when nothing exciting was going on but now I just relish the fact that there is no drama!

  2. can I come live with you?? Seems like there is no stress where you live!!! I will bring my kids but they are great and maybe my husband but leave everyone else behind!! PLEASE I know it sounds appealing!!

  3. No judgement on the Sonic addiction. My local Sonic knows my name :(

  4. Your hair is so long now - it looks great!


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