Sunday, March 20, 2011


Oh how I love molding!  It adds so much to a room!  As anyone who comes to my house would know because I have gone a little molding crazy!!

Our stairs were a major mess with nail pops and wall imperfections all over the place.  Molding was the perfect answer, as it covered up all of the mess.  I did this last summer when my husband was traveling a lot.  It kept me busy.  I cut all of those lattice strips with a miter box.  Yes I did.  Yes, it took a long time.  But it was worth it and I love it!

This is the bottom of the stairs.  I added the hooks for guests to hang their coats or purses.

This is our 1/2 bath.  I did the molding in here last summer too. But just a week ago I finally framed the mirror out and put up a new light fixture. I'll post about the entire room soon.

After painting my bedroom, I painted the master bath.  I put the leftover molding from the stair project in here. 

And the room that started it all- the Living Room.  I posted about this large wall here.  Still love it!  It was totally worth all the struggles of doing it myself!

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  1. Wow! I am seriously impressed!

  2. Molding rocks-you've done an amazing and impressive job!!

  3. LOVE this Candice! Love it! You have done such a great job. Your house always looks so cute!

  4. I absolutely love molding too! You did a great job! It adds a little something unique to every room.

  5. Love it! I actually asked for a nail gun and miter saw for my 30th birthday (am I crazy?!?) so I could add molding all over our house, too! Your home looks beautiful!

  6. You did a beautiful job! I really want to do this in my house! I'm drooling over all of the molding projects everywhere but in my house! New follower here!

  7. Love all the old window panes above your molding- cute & clever idea. You can never have too many of those around the house.

  8. I'm lovin all your molding to! I'm slowly adding to my house to but we have heavy textured walls that are getting in the way. :( grrrr. Yours looks great though!


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