Chicken wire message boards

I know I just redid my craft room not too long ago, but nothing in my house is ever done done.  The room was a little too busy looking so I've been tweaking. Starting with new message boards. 

Before:  (Look on either side of the window) a star, a magnet board and 2 different cork boards

After:  matching chicken wire message boards

I started with canvas frame stretchers.  They were super cheap and I was able to get the sizes I wanted.  One size was 30x40 and the other was 20x40.  I think I paid less than $25 for both of them.

The corners are already mitered.  They just slide in together.

I put a staple at each junction to reinforce the frame.

Next- the chicken wire.  I bought a roll at Lowes for around $12 and I have about 1/2 of the roll left.

I attached the chicken wire to the frame with a staple gun.

And then cut it to size with wire cutters. 

I forgot to take pictures of the next step but all I did was take the frames outside and give them a few coats of black semi-gloss spray paint.  I painted front and back to cover all of the silver on the wire.

Then I just used a couple of nails in the corners and hung them up.

And then I filled them up.  The larger of the two is for pictures, drawings my kids make me, quotes etc.

The other one is for the business stuff:  calendar, business cards, notes, to do lists, etc.

I just use clothes pins (both large and small) to hang items on the boards.

I am loving the way they turned out.  Even though there is a ton of stuff hanging on them, they look so much cleaner because they are simple and they match.