Decorating a Mantle

Yes that's right, it was time to freshen up around here a bit.  With my ODD (obsessive decorating disorder) I can't handle anything staying the same way for too long.  My mantle, aka dining area shelf, had been the same for almost 2 months.  Must be some record!  :) 

I still love the red and greens from before but added a lot of white to brighten things! The small camera image in the lower right hand corner is a watermark.  I'm trying to decide if I should watermark all of my pictures.

The black frame is the inside of a large picture frame I used in another project.  The S was given to me by a friend of mine.

Flowers from Joann in a Goodwill(GW)  pitcher.

A garden thingy (the technical term) from Hobby Lobby (HL) a few years ago propped up on a cake stand from Home Goods (HG).

Large potpourri from HG mixed in with some red wooden spheres in a large apothecary jar.

On top of the buffet:  a Pottery Barn knock off finial.  It was originally brown from HL.  I spray painted it white and shabbied it up a bit with sandpaper before spraying it with matte finish spray sealer.

A bird from HG, on top of a scale from the flea market on top of a cake stand from Target.

And last but not least, a little lamp from GW.  It needed a little love as it was wobbly and the finish was cracked.  But nothing a little wood glue, sand paper and spray paint couldn't fix.

Here is what the shelf vignette looked like before.  

And here it is now - ready for summer!

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