Monday, June 13, 2011

Gift Wrap organizer

Do you have rolls and rolls of gift wrap underneath your bed, in the closet and ribbon all over the place?  Organize those rolls with this idea for  Gift Wrap Organizer

Gift Wrap Organizer - store wrapping paper and ribbon in unused space behind the door

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I used to store my gift wrap in a large under-the-bed box. Wrapping gifts was such a pain because I had to lug that big box out from under my dusty bed and dig through everything to find what I wanted. I also had way too much gift wrap because I usually just bought more instead of looking through the mess of what I already had. But then I was inspired by a photo in a magazine and decided to put a unused door space to use with a Gift Wrap Organizer.

Items needed to make a Behind the Door Gift Wrap Organizer

Gift Wrap Organizer - store wrapping paper and ribbon in unused space behind the door

Instructions for hanging gift wrap organizer behind a door

  • hold organizer up to door, using a level, and mark screw holes
  • pre drill holes and anchor if necessary
  • attach organizers to door
  • fill shelves with embellishments, tape, ribbon and gift wrap
  • use command hooks and ribbon to hold long rolls of gift wrap (if you don't have kids that slam the doors shut you may not need to use command hooks)

Gift Wrap Organizer - how to store ribbon rolls in unused space behind the door

Gift Wrap Organizer - how to store gift wrap rolls in unused space behind the door

old school height measurements behind the door

On this door we also have our height measurement chart.  I just love looking at these measurements to see how much my kids have grown!

Gift Wrap Organizer - how to store ribbon and gift wrap rolls in unused space behind the door

It's so nice to have gift wrap easily accessible and organized in this Gift Wrap Organizer


  1. Love this. Great idea. It would be great if you could link up to my 20 minute tuesday party!
    Details here:

  2. What a great idea!! I'll have to try it.

  3. WOW!!! I'm so gonna do this. I have the same problems w/ my wrapping paper and everything else that goes along with it. Thank you!

  4. featured your organizer at my wrap up party from last week!
    Thanks for linking up. Come grab a featured button if you'd like!

  5. Ooh! This is a great solution for me too! I have one of those Rubbermaid wrapping paper things but it isn't tall enough for half of the rolls - so frustrating. I have a room in the basement for my craft and wrapping supplies and rebate items - the back of the door is just perfect for this stuff - and I love how the ribbon gets "threaded" through the top organizers! Thanks for sharing!

    Mara @ Super Savings

  6. I just found this off Pinterest, and I am going to try it!

  7. Rapping your gift is good skill and my friend
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  8. The wrapping paper is found in where? i want to use it for gifts.

  9. Ran across this on Pinterest today and ran right out to do mine! The back of our door is accounted for already, though, but I did this inside the closet where we were otherwise storing the bag of wrap and stuff! Posted pictures on my site, here; Thanks for the idea!!!

  10. This looks like what I need! The door I would like to use is hollow. Is yours?

  11. Hey i'm totally impresses and in love with those closets!
    My eyes are having trouble focusing on all the goodies being wonderfully organized... Makes my heart beat happy!,😍


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