How to recover a boring office chair

We all have chairs that we sit on to do our computer work.  Have you ever given yours a good look and thought that it wasn't very attractive?  I can show you how easy it is to use fabric to Recover an Office Chair.

How to Recover a boring Office Chair with update fabric

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I had the most boring, ugly office chair, like this one.  It was comfy but very utilitarian and certainly nothing very pretty to look at!!  I knew I could make it shine with just a little bit of elbow grease and some fabric!

how to recover an office chair

How to recover an office chair

  • Undo the screws in the armrest and seat.

how to recover an office chair

After unscrewing the screws, the chair pieces come apart.  Set them all aside.

office chair taken a part

  • Find a sturdy fabric like cotton duck, or even a table cloth  similar.  You'll need about 2 yards.
  • Lay it out on the floor to decide how you want the pattern of the fabric to go

office chair taken apart, recover cushion

  • Set the seat of the chair on top of the fabric on the floor and pull the fabric tightly around the seat on all of the sides.

use stapler to attach fabric to office chair

  • Staple the fabric to the wooden bottom of the chair using staple gun, similar.

  • Cut holes in the fabric for the screws (that the armrest attaches to) to go through.

  • For the top of the chair, a sewn slipcover would work, but I decided to staple the fabric to the wooden back of the chair.

How to recover an office chair

  • Carefully tuck and staple the fabric to the back of the chair.  You can barely see the staples, but if you'd like you can glue trim over the top of the staples to hide them.

office chair, rolling office chair, damask fabric, recovered office chair

And that's how to Recover an Office Chair to take it from drab to fab!

how to recover a boring black office chair