Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Super Hero Party

We didn't plan on having a big party for my little guy, but when his feelings were hurt that he didn't get a party like his big sister, we threw a super hero party together last minute!  You will have to excuse the less than wonderful pictures, my camera was about the only thing I forgot.  So these are cell phone pics.

We rented a covered Bowery at one of our local parks.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day!

Here is the birthday boy, Super KK!

table decorations and goodie bags

the food table

super hero suckers in a cake pop holder

super hero cupcakes (got the idea from here)

Superman cake (idea from Pinterest)

more table decorations

super hero masks (I hand cut them- not so much fun, but the kids all LOVED them)

And here is the big 4 year old during the Happy Birthday song!  He had a blast and that makes any and all work worth it.

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