children's lunch

Making lunch for all 3 of my kids day after day gets so monotonous.  Add in the fact that they are picky eaters and it's a snore. I'm bored to death making them so I'm sure they feel the same way when they open their lunch bags.  After weeks in a row of boring pb & j or turkey and swiss, I knew I needed to step up my lunch game.  I did a little research online to see how I could spice things up a bit.  After finding a few ideas and making them my own,  I think our lunches now are looking much better.

First of all, I gathered some supplies.

I use cupcake picks (from Hobby Lobby and Walmart), themed cookie cutters (Hobby Lobby), silicone cups (Home Goods), party forks (Target) and metal forks (Home Goods),

dinosaur and triangle shaped sandwich cutters (Walmart), and orange shaped sandwich cutters ( Perpetual kid)

and plastic containers (Walmart).

I just make regular sandwiches, but I cut the bread into interesting shapes using a themed cookie cutter, a sandwich cutter or this little shaper cutter.

Then I put it onto a cupcake pick.  It makes a sandwich so much more interesting.
  Add in some fruit and/or veggies, some pretzels or chips and maybe a little treat and it's done!

I store some of the cutters and picks in a drawer,

And the rest in a glass jar on my counter top.

All of these things are easy to do and make my kids lunches so much more FUN!!