Fun Finds Friday 11-18

It's hard coming up with projects to post every week.  I would really like to post more often then that, but my kids need to eat and have clean clothes, I have to vacuum, etc, blah blah blah.  So I'm going to start a new weekly series called
Fun Finds Friday.
It's all about the great stuff I find thrifting or the fantastic ideas from others in Internet land.

Yesterday when my youngest was in school I had the chance to pop into Goodwill.  Thrift shopping is really hit and miss.  Sometimes I leave empty handed and sometimes I have to get a cart (or buggy as the southerners say) to hold all my treasures.  Yesterday was a "get a cart" kind of day.

Just look at my haul-

a tray with so much patina it makes my heart sing!
a silver bowl
a cute pewter bowl with letters and numbers around the rim
an enamel ware pot.  Added to my collection!!

And look at this pile of stuff.  It looks like a bunch of junk you say?  I say- just wait to see what I do with it!  Yay!

Have you found anything fun this week?

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