sparkly cone tree

Last weekend when I pulled my Christmas decorations out, I found this sad little yarn tree. 
I think my four year old may have helped with the destruction.
I decided to pull the yarn off rather then re-wrap it.  I was going to paint it with green glittery craft paint, but the yarn left little fuzzies behind where it was glued onto the paper mache. So I went with plan b and covered it up.

I covered the cone with mod podge then patted some white tissue paper on.  I smoothed it with my fingers.  It's really fragile and rips very easily but it can be smoothed out again and more glue applied to cover the rips.  After it was dry, I punched out some white cardstock snowflakes and hot glued them randomly around the tree with rhinestone centers. I put some extra rhinestones on there too for more sparkle.
Sometimes plan b works out!  This is one of those times.  I like the wrinkles the tissue paper gave the tree.  And I think the punchies and sparkle from the rhinestones are pretty!

I added it to a little Chistmas vignette (that has already changed since this picture) that I will post about next.