blessings dry erase frame

We made this poster last Fall to celebrate all the things our family is grateful for.  Everyone still looks at it daily and a few new things get added weekly.  But I'm thinking we are a little out of pumpkin season and it's starting to fall down so I decided to make something more permanent.

Using a dry erase board concept I came up with this frame for our family to write our blessings on.

I took apart a frame from Goodwill.  I left the frame in the original color.

I wrapped the cardboard mounted topiary picture with wrapping paper.

I printed out the word "Blessings" on regular copy paper and attached that to the front before putting everything back into the frame. 

We use a dry erase marker to write our blessings on the frame.  Look at some of the cute things my kids have written.  Perhaps I need to talk with my oldest son (the one who wrote "myself") about humility.  But he also wrote "mom" up there so I might have to forgive him. :)

I added a family photo at the bottom and some other little trinkets. 

Hopefully as we record our blessings it will help us to remember just how much we do have and what we need to be grateful for!