Valentines, some ?? and shutters

How's that for a random title?  :)

For the first time in my kids' entire school career I had to help my littlest make a Valentine box.  Weird.  I don't  know how we've never had to to this before -  I guess they made them in class or something.  I was a little intimidated and was just going to buy a pre-made one.  But what kind of crafter would I be if I didn't do it myself.  Here is what I came up with.

It was actually quite simple.  I covered a frozen waffle box with red polka dot wrapping paper, then used a heart shaped doily and letter stickers.  (He later covered it with Star Wars, soccer ball, monster truck and guitar stickers).  When my biggest saw his brother's box, he declared that I needed one and made one for me just like it.  So sweet!!

For the valentines to hand out to his class mates we made these. They are inspired by something I saw on pinterest. 


I have received a few questions lately about past projects and so I'm going to answer them all here.

I was asked how the fabric in my office chair makeover is holding up.  It is holding up perfectly.  It looks as good now as it did when I recovered the chair almost 6 months ago.  I'm not super careful and my kids love to plop down in my chair and I have not had any problems!!

I was asked what size jar I used in my memory jar.  It is a vintage jar from a flea market.  I bought it for it's really interesting shape- kind of flat.  I think it would probably equate to today's quart sized jars.

I was asked where I got the shutters shown in last Spring.  I got them at the flea market as well.  They were a funky yellow color, so I just spray painted them red.  

Here is where I am using them now...

hanging in my kitchen holding photos.