Very Pinteresting

Pinterest is so much fun!!! I have the app on my phone so when I'm waiting at the doctors office (which has been A LOT lately) or in car pool lane at my kids' school I am able to spend some time gazing at all the wonderful pins.  And I am proud to say, I actually accomplished some of the ideas I have pinned and  thought I would pass some of my recent favorites.  (All links are to the bloggers original post).  

My sweetie brought me home flowers after being gone on a business trip for 2 weeks.  I put them in a plain mason jar and then jazzed it up like this.  

I love this way to curl my hair with no heat!  (not the best pic but you get the idea)

We always decorate gingerbread (aka graham cracker) houses at Christmas time.  But I never thought of doing a Valentine version until I saw these "Love Shacks" here.

My kids have been so so soooo sick.  In January alone we had 9 separate visits to 4 different doctors with about 6-7 prescriptions.  I had 2 kids on 2 different doses of the same medication at the same time.  Without this idea, I wouldn't have kept it all straight.  (this link is to pinterest, I couldn't find the site it was originally pinned from)  

I made my Valentine's banner after seeing this one here.  

I also tried this way to get rid of soap scum.  And this to clean my stove top dripper pans.  They both worked brilliantly!!  

Some other things I want to do are-

make these chocolate dipped oreos for Valentine's day gifts
 make these for the kids in our Primary
and the next party I throw I am making this paper chain backdrop.  SO cute!!

If you are not a member of Pinterest, do it!  You will love it!  I think you still have to be invited, so if anyone needs an invite, let me know!