Things I love right now

Spring in our area has decided to come back for a bit.  It was really hot in March and I worried we were just going to skip straight to summer.  But cooler temperatures have come back -in fact it's only 58* right now.  (shhhh- I'm a little chilly with socks, long pants and a hoody on.) But I love it!!

I've been working on freshening up our home and lives for Spring and these are the things I'm loving right now.  

It's no secret that I love a nice smelling house and right now I love this room spray from Glade- Sherbet Sunrise.  It's like spraying sunshine and flowers all around our house. We also have the little candles and scented oils.

Wheat grass is so fun and easy to grow.  It adds such a nice fresh touch to our home.

The climbing rose bush right outside our front door just screams Spring!  It has it's first blossom and smells sooooo good!

We just got this new throw pillow from Ross.  A total steal at $15.

My neighbors are moving soon and didn't want to take this basketball hoop with them, so they gave it to us. We have already spent a ton of time outside shooting hoops.  It's a little bit smaller than average so my 4 year old can make baskets.  I really like that.

I'm always on the look out for new make up and recently started using this mascara by Covergirl.  It really thickens up and elongates my lashes without gunking them up.

Oh my word I love this new cd!!!  Rascal Flatts is my favorite and their new music is killer!  In fact, I saw them play Changed  live last night at the "All for the Hall" concert to benefit the Country Music Hall of Fame.  It's so fun living in Nashville and getting to have these once in a lifetime opportunities.  (ps Keith Urban, Lady A, Thompson Square, The Band Perry, Vince Gill and the Oak Ridge Boys were pretty awesome too.)

Our trees have full leaves now, but a few weeks ago, this is what greeted me when I looked out the window.  I think I'm going to blow this photo up and hang it in my home.

What are you doing to freshen up for Spring?