10 on tuesday- june 12

1.  It's hot!!!  We've had a little bit cooler weather so I'm dying at how hot it is now.
2.  My daughter had her dance recital last weekend.  It's no joke-  4 costume changes, at the performing arts center in downtown Nashville, 1 night for rehearsel and 1 night for recital and I was a class mom.  I'm still a little tired.

3.  I need to decide where we are going for vacation in 3 weeks and make the reservations.
4.  I'm working on getting my July 4 stuff up.  This box has been sitting in my room for 2 days.  I need some motivation.

5.  I go to Haven in a week from tomorrow.  I may throw up; I'm so excited and nervous!  
6. My big kids are at summer camp this week.  8-5pm- every day.  They come home exhausted.  It's awesome!
7. I got new business cards to take to Haven with me.  I'm still trying to personalize them by adding glossy accents.

8.  I miss my family terribly.  I wish airfare from Tennessee to Utah was so outrageously priced!
9.  I'm working on a new banner.  I need some motivation to do that too.  It's been sitting on my desk for 2 weeks.

10.  I need to go get my little guy a snack.  He's been asking for one for the past 10 minutes.

How's your week going?