Photo a day- May

This month of taking a photo every day was a rough one for me.  I had a hard time keeping up with the prompts.  Thankfully I take tons of photos every day and was able to complete the month.

Here is May's list from  Fat Mum Slim

And here are my photos:

1.  peace- nothing like a little tv in bed after my kids are asleep
2.  the skyline- in the background of my kids jumping on the tramp
3. something you wore today- "socks and sandals" is an inside joke in our family and both of my big kids wore them today
4. fun!- my daughter went horseback riding at a birthday party
5.  birds- we live near the airport where fighter jets were practicing for an airshow
6.  you- me watching Thor with my family
7. was supposed to be SOMEONE who inspires you but I did SOMETHING that inspires you- getting a new calling at church
8.  a smell you adore- our green grass candle from Bath and Body Works
9. something you do everyday- sweep
10.  a favorite word- bedtime (especially when one of my big kids reads to my littlest)
11. kitchen- in all it's messy glory
12. something that makes you happy- my kids playing together
13. mom- mother's day
14. grass- growing wheat grass
15. love- my son's hair after a hard day at school
16. what you're reading- the Harry Potter series, again
17. snack- treats for my sweetie's birthday

18. something you made- a sign for my kids bathroom
19. a favorite place- my newly redone craft room
20. something you can't live without- my littlest wouldn't be able to live without his bestest buddy, his daddy, playing games with him
21. where you stand- in line (in disguise) at the movie theater 
22. pink- my son's pink cheeks (he's so shy) at his end of year program at pre-school
23. technology- my son and his ds are rarely apart
24. new- my friend had twin babies
25. unusual- my kids were happy to go to school (it was the last day)
26. 12:00- getting a pedicure
27. something sweet- cinnamon roll cake (it's divine)
28. the weather today- HOT!
29. a number- the 4 of us (my kids and I) bowling
30. your personality- a goofball
31. something beautiful- the new Heidi Swapp magazine

Are you doing a photo a day? Do you want to start?  Here is June's list

Don't forget to post on twitter with the #photoadayjune hashtag.