Organizing Drawers

have had messy drawers!!  Ha!  Super messy.  The gadget drawers in my kitchen were out of control.  Stuff would fly out every time my kids opened their toothpaste/comb drawer.  And my daughter's foo foo girlie stuff drawer was crazy.

Look at that mess!!  

But then I found these handy dandy DIY dividers (that's an Amazon Affiliate link) and I've been a drawer organizing fool!!

We started, of course with cleaning out the drawer.  I love this photo of my daughter's blurry arm.  It shows how much she was cleaning.  (We threw out 2 grocery sacks full of stuff from this drawer and all of the other ones she cleaned out)

The organizers are customizable and easy to use.  I figured out where I wanted a divider and placed the vertical holders, which have a sticky back.  

Then I measured how long the divider strip needed to be, scored it with a hobby knife, snapped it by hand and stuck it into the holders.  We continued to measure, score and snap with all of the other dividers we placed.  It went really fast and was easy to do.

We were able to make the compartments the exact size we needed.  After it was all done, we put everything back and even added a bunch more stuff that didn't fit before.

I'm really happy with how my gadget drawers are organized in my kitchen too.

I had to include this funny picture of my little photo bomber!!

The before and after of my daughter's drawer.

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