Luau 10th birthday party

Hi everyone!  I missed you!  I'm back and hopefully I can keep up with life now -no promises though!

As I said in this post, my daughter celebrated her 10th birthday.  She has lots of friends that are boys as well as girls so we wanted a party theme that would support inviting both.  

We decided on a Luau!

I made a quick invite on my computer, printed it out and stamped some flowers on.

My favorite part of throwing a party is the decorating!  I love having this shelf in our dining area that is the perfect place to set the theme of any party!

Some close ups of the details.

I didn't get a good photo of the food table (it's hard to be the hostess, activity director and the photographer).  

Our menu consisted of:

-tortilla roll ups
-pb & j and pb & honey cut out in flower shapes

-individual cups of rainbow jello

-water, capri sun and lemonade
-grapes served in a sand pail

I couldn't figure out what to do for a centerpiece and then finally came up with using fresh fruit.  Can't get much more luau-y than that!!  I also used tissue paper puff balls and ribbon hanging from the chandelier to add color.

I made red velvet cupcakes, per my daughter's request, in pink and blue polka dot cupcake papers.  Then I put paper umbrella's in each one.

For the week leading up to the party, the weather at our house was sunny and in the 90's.  On this day it was rainy with a high of 75*.  The kids were freezing as they played water games in our back yard.  Their teeth were chattering but they had big smiles on their faces!  And my daughter was super happy and kept thanking me!

Speaking of thank you's, these are the thank you cards I made.  I used the same clip art (from etsy) that I used in the decorations and whipped up a fill in the blank card for my daughter to fill out.  She has them mostly down now so I need to get busy and get them mailed out.