Halloween inside our home

As I lugged the many (too many) boxes of Halloween paraphernalia out of my attic, I swore I was not going to buy any more holiday decorations this year. 

So I have (mostly) made due with items from Halloween's past.  And most of the items we have will carry us through Thanksgiving.  Yay!   I still love my shiny and glitter pumpkins that I have picked up or made over the years. 

And one can't go wrong using photos as decorations.  Look at the pics of my babies in their Halloween costumes over the years.  LOVE them!!!

Oh sure, I did purchase a few fresh pumpkins from a local farmer to place here and there around our abode.

There are pumpkins with Halloween banners...

on our mantel.

This little baby pumpkin was chosen by my daughter and has a place of honor in an apothecary jar.

Another shiny pumpkin on our kitchen table.

And the one purchase I have made this year, a chevron pumpkin plate, with some owl friends.