Halloween pedestal

I love buying something and turning it into something else.  When I saw the cutest (there's that word again, I need to get myself a thesaurus) appetizer plates at Target, I knew I could do something with them.

I made a mini Halloween pedestal or cake stand or pumpkin stand- whatever you want to call it!

I purchased an appetizer plate and snack dish for around $3.

Putting it together was as simple as removing the plastic lid from the snack dish and turning it upside down,

putting a glob of hot glue onto the bottom,

and centering it onto the bottom of the plate.  I'm not sure how long the glue will hold.  I do know it won't hold permanently- which works for me since I plan to take it apart to store it anyway.  If a permanent hold is desired I suggest using E600 or an epoxy.

This wee-little pedestal is an excellent  mini pumpkin holder!! 

And it's a fine handsoap holder in our bathroom too!