She's been crafting lots of stuff

I've been living up to my blog name lately, working on lots of crafty stuff.

Please excuse the cell phone pics- my beloved iphone is usually the only camera I carry these days.

Here are some of the projects I've been working on:

 I've got a new hardware cabinet for my craft room...

which I love so very much!!!  It still has the marker written on it from the gentleman that had it before me.  Love!!!!  It has tons of space to store all kinds of things.  I've only filled up 1/2 of the drawers so far!! 

With all the storage added outside my craft closet I was able to move my sewing machine back in.  It's really handy having it in here and not out in the open.  I'm hoping to move my fabric collection into the plastic storage carts under the machine at some point.  I've got lots more organizing to do before I do that though   

At the flea market where I got the metal cabinet, I also found these old, metal sign letters.  I made a little art piece for my craft room.

We did some bed switcharooing.  My boys used to share a room with a bunk bed.  But now my oldest is too big to sleep on the top bunk and my youngest is still a bit too small.  So we moved the bunk bed into my daughter's room and let her use the bottom bunk as a futon for reading and watching movies.  It's perfect for her.  We got my sons new beds.  So I have lots of projects planned in here to get their room all set up, including drapes, bedding, headboards, lighting, etc. 

I made an impromptu Instagram (do you follow me?  @shescraftycrafty)  display board.  I have tons of small square photos that I've taken with my phone.  I have the best of intentions to do a scrapbook or smashbook with them, but they were just sitting in a drawer.  So I made a display board to show them off.  My kids have loved looking at the photos!

I've also been having some fun doing some chalk art.

I also have a new (to us) kitchen table that I'm trying to get painted in time for our Thanksgiving dinner.  

All of these projects I'll be posting about in upcoming posts!

Hope you all have a great  weekend!!