Lego mini figure holder

If you've got boys in your family, then I'm sure you have legos. I love lego!! I really do! They keep my boys busy, using their imaginations instead of watching tv or playing video games. What I don't love about legos is the zillions of little pieces. We have a pretty good storage system, (more about that soon) but my son's struggled with what to do with their mini figures.

So I made them a holder to display their mini figures.

I started with this rectangle It is a leftover from a huge frame I've had forever. I thought if I could make more shelves, it would make a perfect holder for all of the little bitty figures. The frame looked like it was made with square dowels, so I just picked up a few more from Home Depot.

The other supplies I used were a pencil, tape measure, saw, miter box, wood glue and staple gun. (amazon links)

I measured each space and cut the dowel down to size with my miter box. Then I dipped each joint in glue and secured it with a staple on the back.

Once I had it put together I gave it a few coats of black spray paint.

We had a few of the black single lines of legos left over from various projects but not enough to finish this frame. When I went to the lego store to get some, they only had these wheel axle pieces and not the single row ones. Lame! But I made do and used wire cutters and snipped the axle off.

I hot glued each lego row onto the frame. I spaced the lego row pieces out weird which left gaps. If I had fit them close together I could have fit a few more pieces in each row. I will probably go back and fix this sometime.

My boys are happy because they can see their mini figures now. And I'm happy because I rarely step on them now.

To hang the frame on the wall, I cut some 3m velcro strips in half (to make them narrow) and spaced them all the way around the frame.

Each little figure is nice and secure (and most importantly- off the floor!)

Not only is it functional, doubles as wall art in my boys' room too!