SNAP 2013

Last week I flew to Utah to attend the Snap Conference. 

My flight was delayed because of weather in Denver.  Normally, I don't mind delays because that's extra alone time for me.  I grabbed some lunch and a magazine and was pretty happy.

Unfortunately, on my connecting flight, I got super sick.  It was the worst flight of my life.  I spent a good chunk of time praying for relief from the pain I was in.  The other part of the time I spent becoming one with the barf bag.  It was horrible. And terribly embarrassing!

After some TLC from my mom and a good night's rest at her house, I headed down to Thanksgiving Point the next day.

I was super excited to be in the midst of amazingly crafty women!!  I took so many fantastic classes.  My mind is still spinning with all of the information I learned!

I met Tausha from Sassy Style Redesign and Melissa from Hollyhocks and Honeybees.  They let me hang out with them and take a trip to Dear Lizzie Boutique.  It was so much fun getting to know these girls!  I've read their blogs for a while now and was thrilled to meet them in real life.

I met so many amazing women!  I feel truly blessed for having the experience of going to SNAP! 
pictured- Chrissy, Leanne, Heather, Melissa, Kelsey and some fun girls at the pajama party.

These are the business cards I handed out at Snap.  

I'll be spending the next few days, maybe even weeks going through all of these fun business cards I got.

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