Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SNAP 2013

Last week I flew to Utah to attend the Snap Conference. 

My flight was delayed because of weather in Denver.  Normally, I don't mind delays because that's extra alone time for me.  I grabbed some lunch and a magazine and was pretty happy.

Unfortunately, on my connecting flight, I got super sick.  It was the worst flight of my life.  I spent a good chunk of time praying for relief from the pain I was in.  The other part of the time I spent becoming one with the barf bag.  It was horrible. And terribly embarrassing!

After some TLC from my mom and a good night's rest at her house, I headed down to Thanksgiving Point the next day.

I was super excited to be in the midst of amazingly crafty women!!  I took so many fantastic classes.  My mind is still spinning with all of the information I learned!

I met Tausha from Sassy Style Redesign and Melissa from Hollyhocks and Honeybees.  They let me hang out with them and take a trip to Dear Lizzie Boutique.  It was so much fun getting to know these girls!  I've read their blogs for a while now and was thrilled to meet them in real life.

I met so many amazing women!  I feel truly blessed for having the experience of going to SNAP! 
pictured- Chrissy, Leanne, Heather, Melissa, Kelsey and some fun girls at the pajama party.

These are the business cards I handed out at Snap.  

I'll be spending the next few days, maybe even weeks going through all of these fun business cards I got.

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  1. My head is still spinning too & I'm still dreaming about those pillows at Dear Lizzie, maybe I need to go back! :)

  2. I'm just now (over a week later) going through the business cards I got amongst all the ideas that are swimming around in my head! It was nice meeting you at dinner, albeit briefly because there was SOOO much going on at SNAP! I still think you and http://www.adventuremom.tv/ are dopplgangers :)

  3. It was so great to see you again, but I wish we would have had time to actually chat and hang out rather than bumping into each other at such random times! Definitely let me know the next conference you're going to and we can actually exchange numbers and meet up! SO sorry you got sick on the flight... that's awful!!


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