Wheat Grass

One of my favorite things to decorate with in the Spring is wheat grass.  

It's super simple to grow.  It barely even needs a tutorial, but here we go anyway.

Start by buying some wheat berries at the store.  I got mine at our local health food store for super cheap!

I soaked the berries in water for a few days.  It seems to help the grass start sprouting a little bit quicker.

I searched through my cupboards to find various containers to grow the grass.  I love the rusty crusty bread pan.  

I bought regular all purpose potting soil at Walmart for $.99.

Then using my super fancy potting bench (or the kitchen counter) I planted the seeds.  I put the soil in the container, then spread a layer of soaked seeds and covered them with a small amount of soil.

Wheat grass is simple and easy to grow, and it adds a fun spring touch to my home!  

When it gets too long, the grass can be trimmed with scissors.  When it starts getting to scraggly looking, after multiple trims, I throw it out and start some new grass.