colorful wooden magnets

My kids have tons of stuff going on- soccer, dance, school assemblies etc.  There are tons of papers around our house that always get stuck to the heart of our home- the fridge.  So since I can't do anything about the gobs of papers, I decided to at least make cute magnets to hold them.

The magnets are bright, colorful and FUN!!

I started with these bare wood pieces from my local craft store.

I mod podged some cute patterned papers to the front of them.

Then using a craft knife (amazon link), I cut the excess paper off.

I sanded the rough edges and gave each piece a few more coats of mod podge to seal it.  

I glued a small magnet (amazon link) to the back of each wood piece.

I love the variety of colors and shapes.

And they look great holding up a pic of my pumpkins!!