Eiffel Tower Wall Shelves for Teen/Tween Girl Bedroom

Are you looking for a way to add storage to a room with style?  Take a look at these Eiffel Tower Wall Shelves that are perfect for a tween/teen girl room!

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Eiffel Tower wall shelves for Teen or Tween Girl Paris themed bedroom

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We've done a few updates to my daughter's Paris Themed room.  She got a new bunk bed so we switched her room around. She sleeps on the top bunk, so she needed a shelf for her glasses, a lamp and her ipod dock.  Wall shelves were definitely in order, but we needed wall shelves with flair, and that fit the theme of her room.

Eiffel Tower Shelves definitely fit the bill!

Paris Themed Bedroom - Eiffel Tower Shelves

How to Make Eiffel Tower Shelves

Gather supplies 

Paint wood for shelves.  Attach brackets to them.  Hang shelves on the wall, anchored if no studs are available.  The shelves are fine this way, but for a tween room, they needed a little pizzazz.

plain DIY wood shelves made into Eiffel Tower shelves in teen girl bedroom

Pizzazz = large Eiffel Tower vinyl sticker!  It is a HUGE decal, but it comes in pieces to make it manageable.

Eiffel Tower Vinyl Sticker

After hanging shelves, start with bottom piece.  I put it right up to the bottom of the bottom shelf.  (I gotta see if I can fit the word bottom in one more time, haha)

How to apply large Eiffel Tower decal to wall

I cut slits in the decal where the brackets were and applied the vinyl to the brackets.  Then I went back in with a hobby knife and removed pieces to fit around the brackets better.

How to apply large Eiffel Tower decal to wall to make Eiffel Tower wall shelves

The sticker is repositionable so it can be pulled off the wall to mark and cut and then put back onto the wall and re stick it down.  Once I cut the small section out of the decal for the bracket, it fit perfectly.  

How to apply large Eiffel Tower decal to wall to make Eiffel Tower wall shelves

I continued positioning the other pieces, moving them around, lifting, cutting and sticking back down, until the entire tower was finished.  

How to apply large Eiffel Tower decal to wall to make Eiffel Tower wall shelves

It looks so cool doesn't it?   The graphic really pops off the wall and makes the boring shelves look extraordinary!

Use vinyl decals to decorate light switch cover in Paris themed teen girl bedroom

There were extra stickers included with the tower so I took one of them and covered the light switch plate.  It turned out really well too!  I'm telling ya, the stickers are amazing and so very simple to use!

How to make Eiffel Tower Wall Shelves for Teen Girl Bedroom

These Eiffel Tower Wall Shelves for Paris themed bedroom were SO simple to do.  They make a huge impact though.  Simple with big impact projects are my favorite projects of all!

Eiffel Tower Wall Shelves for Teen/Tween girl bedroom  |  see the easy tutorial at www.shescraftycrafty.com