Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Girls Camp Handouts

Looking for a handout to give to the Young Women at Girls Camp?  Here are some great ideas

Girls Camp Handouts - gift ideas for Young Women Camp

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Young Women camp is a beautiful experience.  The Young women go away for an entire week to a camp.  They don't have to worry about the outside world as they work on their relationship with their Heavenly Father and with each other.  But it can be rather hard to leave their family and friends {and phones} for an entire week.  

Having small treats and handouts really helps them to know that someone is thinking about them when they are homesick!  

Stand in Holy Places Socks Hand Out

supplies needed

Girls Camp Handouts - gift ideas for Young Women Camp - socks Stand in Holy Places

  • download free printable, print and cut out
  • purchase inexpensive decorative socks 
  • place socks inside a plastic baggie
  • staple printable to the front of the baggie.

Teen Girls LOVE decorative socks.  Every time I have gone to camp I take extras and they always get used!  This makes a perfect gift to give to each of the YW!

Look for the Good hand out

Supplies Needed

Girls Camp Handouts - gift ideas for Young Women Camp - sunglasses - Look for the the good in your self and in others

  • purchase sunglasses 
  • download and print out Printable
  • cut slits in each side of printable
  • slide arm of sunglasses through slit 
  • tape arm of sunglasses to printable with washi table

Colorful sunglasses with this important message is great for the YW.  And having sunglasses at camp would be very helpful too!  

In Case of Emergency adult leader gift bag

Supplies Needed

Girls Camp Handouts - gift ideas for Young Women Camp - adult leader emergency kit

  • purchase supplies
  • put them into cellophane bag
  • tie closed with "in case of emergency" tag

Going to camp is hard for adult leaders!  So much fun.... but hard!  Having a little treat with the essentials is a fun little pick me up!  

Hand out a thoughtful treat makes the YW and the adult leaders feel loved and cared about at Girls Camp!  

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  1. So cute!! I love it all. My Mace is going to camp next week.

  2. This is great! I just did a post about some treats that I sent up to our YW at girls camp this week. I mentioned your sock idea and posted a link back to your blog on my YW site "The Jolly Rogers' Young Women Blog - Activity Ideas & More for YW Leaders" http://ldsywideasandactivities.blogspot.com/

  3. Love the sock idea! Where did you get the socks?

  4. Is there a template for the quote?

  5. Love! Where are the socks from?

  6. Where did you buy the sunglasses?

    1. I got them at the dollar store. Hope this helps!!

  7. My sunglasses tag is not as cute as yours! Do you have a file that you would be willing to share? I can't seem to get spacing right or the cute font...


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