Quick organizing in laundry closet

You know how you visit some blogs and see amazing makeovers.  Yea, this isn't one of those posts.  This is a practical nitty gritty type post.  I did a little reorganization in my little laundry closet.  

It's not beautiful, but it's very functional!

Our laundry closet is one of those places that we use all the time, but we hadn't given much thought to how it looks and we hadn't really done much to change how it functions.  I threw some stuff up on the boring builder included shelf and that's about it.  The shelf is really high and I'm not tall so I can barely reach anything.  (Don't you think the masking tape on the bottom of the washer is an especially nice touch? It was rattling during the spin cycle and making me crazy so I fixed it.  If you can call that fixing!  HA! )

Last week I tore my craft closet apart (AGAIN- new post coming soon) and put in new shelving which left a bunch of plastic drawers unused.

So I grabbed those unused drawers and put them in my laundry closet.  I now have a place to store and easily grab paper products, light bulbs, party supplies, etc.  

The most important thing I did was label each drawer so we know what's in there.  

Getting this space beautiful is on my to-do someday list.  But at least it's functional for today!