Home Tour- Living Room

Now that my kids are back in school, I was finally able to keep my living room clean long enough to take some pictures of it for my home tour.  

The paint looks yellow in these pictures but it's actually a tannish color.  (It's been a few years since I painted it- hmmm maybe I need to think about changing the color!)  I did the board and batten about 3 years ago.  We got the leather couch, ottoman and chair and half about 8 years ago.  Wow- I can't believe our leather furniture is that old.  It's held up so well!!  It was definitely worth the investment!

This is the front entry to our house.  I did board and batten here too going all the way up the stairs.  

We bought this super inexpensive book shelf years ago at IKEA.  I added the thin wood to the shelves.  Since this is right inside our front door, I had to sacrifice the top shelf to a bowl for my husband's keys, tissues and phone.  The 2nd shelf is a good place for decorative items like chevron chalkboard frame.  The 3rd shelf holds our photo books and the bottom shelf has a basket for blankets.  Above the bookshelf is our framed Family: A Proclamation.

It's hard to tell in this photo but the drapes are tan and grey striped silk.  I got them at Lowes.  There are 4 panels here, 2 on each side.  It gives them a much fuller appearance.  The chevron pillow is from Homegoods.  The lamp is old, old.  I added some black ribbon to the top and bottom of the lamp shade. 

I have a collection of suitcases stacked on a trunk tucked back in the corner.  I've been collecting them for a really long time.  The clock above them is from Homegoods.  

On the gallery wall the left S is from a craft show, next to it is framed yellow fabric with an vintage gas station #5.  Next to that is our family picture with a beefed up frame.  Next to that is a Don't forget to be AWESOME sign I made with a hanger from a boutique in Utah.  On the end is a covered paper mache S and an arrow like this one.  

On my couch the pillows on the ends are from Target.  The yellow pillow is a long body pillow cover from Target that I folded and tucked to make a square pillow.  

This blue cabinet was once our kitchen hutch.  I took it a part, painted it and now it holds video game paraphernalia.  Above it is my collection of spools, a topiary from pottery barn, a vintage metal lock box that was my grandmother's, a yellow tin, an apothecary jar full of moss rocks and some vintage grain strainers.  The small yellow bird is from Target in the spring.  

I've had one of these chairs for a few years now.  Last year for Christmas I received a gift card and was able to find the matching one at Target.com.  The table is a painted craigslist find.  The lamp is from Walmart and the shade from Target.  Those french doors lead to my husband's office.  They are set to be removed since there is another entrance in the dining area.  

As much as I would like to not have it, here is our tv.  Since this is the only room in our house we have to put it, I make due and just try to pretend it's not here.   

The entertainment center is actually 2 bookcases pushed together with a painted piece of wood placed across the top.  The shelves hold baskets of scrapbooks and various electronics.  I added to curtains to hide video games and controllers.  I don't love this entertainment center and am working on a plan for a new one.  I'm thinking of custom building one myself.  

To the left of the tv is this darling stichery my friend made for me.  I love it so much!!!

Under the stichery are my collection of milk boxes.  

Here is one last look at the room from the other side.  

If you have any questions about anything in this room, please comment and I'll do my best to answer them!