Harry Potter birthday party

Want the perfect party theme for an eleven year old boy or girl?  Especially one who loves to read?  Then you should definitely host a Harry Potter party!  Here are some ideas for how to throw a 

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Great ideas to host a Harry Potter Birthday party for an 11 year old boy or girl

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My daughter recently turned 11.  She is a HUGE reader and loved the Harry Potter series so we had a Harry Potter birthday party!!

For the invitation, I printed all of the party details with brown ink onto kraft cardstock.  Underneath the writing (that you cannot see in the photo) is the Hogwarts crest. I also burned the edges of the invie with a flame.

harry potter birthday party, harry potter invitations

This is how the guests were greeted when they arrived at Platform 3/4 (our house)

How to decorate for a Harry Potter Birthday Party

Inside we had lots of balloons hanging from the ceiling and lit candles everywhere. We used dark cloths to block the sunlight on our windows so it was really moody inside.

How to decorate for a harry Potter birthday party

 We served basic foods: pizza, chips, apple slices and rainbow jello.

What to serve at a Harry Potter birthday party

We also had 2 different kinds of cupcakes-  red velvet with the stars, and white which were sprinkled with edible gold dust.  I made both cupcakes from a box (is there any other way?) 

Cupcakes for Harry Potter birthday party

We also had chocolate frogs, like any Harry Potter party should!

How to make Chocolate Frogs

Melt the chocolate according to the directions on the package.  Put melted chocolate into large plastic bag.  Cut the tip off of the corner of the bag and pipe the chocolate into each frog on the mold. Set the mold out to harden for about 2 hours.  Frogs will pop right out of the mold.  
-1 package of chocolate melts made 6 frogs. 

harry potter party - how to make chocolate frogs

For drinks we served lemonade and homemade Butter Beer.

How to make Butter Beer

Mix one carton of vanilla ice cream with 4 cans of cream soda.

butter beer, diy butterbeer

We also had a candy bar with treat boxes.
We served Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Jelly Beans (Jelly Bellys), bubble gum in all of the house colors, Lemon Drops (Lemon Heads), Acid Pops (suckers), Licorice Wands (Twizzlers), pixie sticks, 
and chocolate candy bars, for dementor attacks.   

I also put some glow sticks in there and the kids LOVED them!   Above the candy bar, I displayed some photos I took at the World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios.  

To make Magic Wands

  • Cut dowels to about 12 inches
  • Spread hot glue all over them, using this tutorial
  • Spray paint them brown, black and silver and embellish with gold craft paint.

harry potter party - how to make DIY Harry Potter Magic Wands

We invited kids ages 9-11, so I was afraid they wouldn't care for the wands, but they loved them!

harry potter party - how to make DIY Harry Potter Magic Wands

I'm surprised at how easy they were to make and the kids went crazy over them!   Especially this kid. 
Even though he looks mad in the photo, he was actually really excited!

For decorations,  I made a big H out of black foam core.  Then used a piece of kraft paper to make the Hogwarts banner.

How to decorate for a Harry Potter party

The 2 posters on the sides are quotes adapted from the movies, that I wrote with chalk marker on black poster board.

How to decorate for a Harry Potter party- posters with movie quotes

I'm thinking of leaving them up for a while longer because they are great quotes!!

How to decorate for a Harry Potter party- posters with movie quotes

One of my fave decorations of the whole party is the vinyl I put on our toilet. HA!!

 Harry Potter Birthday party - ministry of magic vinyl on toilet

Here is the birthday girl!   She loved her party and had a great time!

 Harry Potter Birthday party

This Harry Potter Party was such a fun party to throw.  I'm not sure who had more fun, the birthday girl or me!