Sabbath Day Holy YW 2013

When I was going through the young woman's program, I loved getting handouts from my teachers.  So now that I am a leader in the YW program, I'm loving making the handouts.

Last week our lesson was on Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  I love this topic so I made a quick and simple handout to go along with the lesson. 

Here are the printables.  

All you need to do is right click on each image and save it to your computer.  

To print (I used Windows)
go to the file that you have saved to your computer.  
Click on the image and then right click.  A drop down menu will show and click on print.  
This box will come up.  
Make sure to uncheck "Fit picture to frame".  If not, it will look wonky.  
I printed them in the 3.5x5 in size.  Then 4 printables will fit on each piece of paper.  

After I cut out each printable, I used black puff paint to add dimension to the word Sabbath and to the dots on the Sabbath day do's page.  

Dimension is a hard thing to take photos of, but you can kind of tell on the word Sabbath here.

After the puff paint was dry, I punched a small hole in each printable.   

Then I tied them together with bakers twine.

I hope you can use these with your lessons!!