organizing winter hats and gloves

When we moved to Tennessee I was surprised at how cold it gets in the winter.  Sure it doesn't stay chilly and snowy for long, but we do get a few days of winter weather every year.  My kids need hats and gloves to stay warm, but we don't need them all the time.  It was a dilemma.  

Most of our snow accessories and shoes ended up in wet piles on the floor.  It drove me crazy!!

So in an attempt to get our junk up off of the ground, I bought an 
over the door shoe organizer (amazon affiliate link).

I went through all of our stuff, threw out the stuff that was holey/broken and donated the stuff that was still good but my kids had outgrown.  

Then I tucked all the keeper items into the pockets. 
I put my oldest and husband's items on the top row since they are the tallest.  
My little guy's stuff is on the bottom rows. This system won't work if I can't get my kids to put their stuff away.  And yes, my son wears his flip flops and slides all year long.  Whatcanyado?

This organizer has been a life saver!  
It's an inexpensive and easy fix for a big old mess!!  

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