Gallery Wall

Do you love gallery walls?  I do.  Lots!!!

I just finished a gallery in our playroom.  

I used a variety of things I had around my house in this bright and colorful collage.

My love affair with all things vintage started with this window with the original mint paint.  
For this display, I put some favorite instagram photos and a washi tape banner onto it.
Above the window is some vintage sign letters I bought at the Nashville Flea Market. 

I recently found the photos of when each of my kids were blessed as babies, and  put them into this frame. 
 I love this piece so much!!

I picked up this vintage cash register drawer at a junk shop here in the Nashville area a few years ago. 
The banner underneath is scrapbook paper hung on bakers twine and taped to the wall.  
How's that for a high tech hanging solution!?!

I was able to use my South sign (from my Utah trip).  I also framed some scrapbook paper and some favorite photos of my kids.  The red 5 sign was a gift from my sister- in-law.  I also printed off some favorite quotes and hung them on small clipboards too.  

If I were to give advice on how to do a gallery wall, I would say just give it a shot.  
Hang a few things, move around what isn't working, add to it, and take a few things away.  Mostly, just make sure to use things that have meaning to you and that you love!!