What to do when you've lost it...

My posts have been a little bit few and far between.

I think lost it.

 My mind... perhaps, but I also lost my creative spark. 

 Maybe you have gone through periods when you have too. 
 As a mother, crafter and blogger, being creative is really important to me.  
But sometimes the well runs dry.

So how does one get it back?  

Well I'll tell you how I do it.

I take a break.

I don't force myself to craft, to blog, to decorate my home, or to plan anything creative.

Instead I focus on spending time with my family.

And there has certainly been a lot going on in our little world.

My girl has been doing dance for quite a few years now. This year she is on a competition team.  
Her dance team had the opportunity to perform before a major league hockey game downtown.  

They have also attended a few dance competitions.  Even though this is her dance team's first year being together and competing, they have learned a ton and their dance has improved tremendously.  

Some other things we've been up to:

Our middle schoolers had their end of year band concert.  

Over Easter we went to Oklahoma to see our new baby nephew/cousin.  

While we were there, we were able to decorate eggs and have an egg hunt.  
And of course the Easter Bunny found us in our hotel room.

I've had the chance to help in my little guy's Kindergarten class.
(And he lost his first top tooth)

I also got to chaperon a few of his field trips.  

We've also been spending lots of time at the soccer field watching him play.  

After 5 or so years of braces (he needed lots of work) our big guy got his braces off.  

After not forcing it, I am started to get the creative spark again.  
I'm excited to see where it goes!  

Thank you to all of you for bearing with me!