House Tour before and after 10 years later

I found this old scrapbook album the other day.

I put it together shortly after we moved into our house 10 years ago.  
It was really interesting to go through it and see how different our house looks now 
compared to how it looked then.  
There are so many things I want to do with this house that sometimes I get discouraged.  But after looking at and comparing these photos, I feel much better!!

This is what the outside of our house looked like the day we bought it.  

We have put up a fence, planted many plants and a tree.  

Oh the living room.  Wow.  It was so dark and cave like.  

This is the in progress photo.  We had painted, put up board and batten and bought some new furniture.  

This is now.  We how have hardwood floors, a rug and updated furnishings.  So much lighter!
More on the living room here.  

Oh the dining room.  What do you think my favorite color is?  
I'm kind of embarrassed by this photo.  

Now we have new flooring, new paint, new table, new curtains and new furnishings.  

On the other side, I painted over that red and filled up the wall with a large shelf that I decorate seasonally.  

Here is the office when we were moving in.  
Up until about 6 months ago, this was my husband's office/library.  

Now it's my office!  
I'm still putting some finishing touches on it and will do a post soon.

Our kids bathroom before.  Excuse the photo of a photo.  

Here is what our kids bathroom looks like now.

Here is the master bathroom before.

Master Bath now.  

This is my boys' room before.  This was before our youngest was even born.

Here is the boys room now.  

This is my daughter's room before.  

This is my (almost) teen girl's room now.  
We've updated since that blog post and moved a bunk over futon bed in here. 

Playroom before.  This is when our kids were small and had lots of toys everywhere.

Now our kids are bigger and need room for board games, video games and hang out space. 
I also have a blog post planned about this room.  It's gone from playroom, my office/craft space to the current bonus room.  

Here is what our family looked like 10 years ago when we moved into this house.  

This is our most current family photo.  

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