Teen desk with chalkboard wall

My daughter is growing up and wanted a room that reflected it.  
As much as she loved her  Paris Room, it was time for a little bit of an update.  

We started the room refresh with a new desk.

We found this awesome art cart at Goodwill.  I cleaned it up and 
gave it a fresh coat of white spray paint. 

I used a piece of MDF (that I sanded, painted and sealed) for the top and some legs 
from IKEA for the other side.  

The trays slide out, so there are lots of places for my daughters hair stuffs, 
 perfumes and craft supplies.  

We painted a chalkboard rectangle around the desk.  
Then hung some twinkle lights.  What is it about white, twinkle lights that is so fun?
We redid her memo board.  (see below) We also hung up 2 12x12 mirrors stacked on each other, and used a tall picture frame that my daughter can use as a place to write notes with a dry erase marker.  

Her memo board started as a regular cork board.  I undid the staples on the back and separated the cork from the frame. I spray painted the frame.  I covered the cork with fabric that I hot-glued a long the edges.  

When the paint was dry I put the everything back together.  
My daughter loves having a place to put all of her important notes and such!

While we were doing her desk area, we decided to organize her jewelry a bit as well.  

We bought a jewelry organizer and a long inexpensive mirror.  We also hung some string for my daughter to clip her bracelets to.  She wears jewelry much more now that she can actually see what she has.  

We've updated a few other things to her room too, so 
I'll post about those another time.  

Source list:
art cart:  Goodwill
table legs:  IKEA
chalkboard paint:  Hobby Lobby
twinkle lights:  Target
cork board:  from my daughter's room
fabric for memo board:  Hobby Lobby
spray paint:  Seaside by Rustoleum (amazon link)
12 x 12 mirrors:  IKEA
jewelry organizer:  Ross
mirror:  Target
desk chair:  Home Goods