sweater pillow DIY

I saw the cutest sweater pillow the other day.  I don't remember where I saw it, but I loved it and wanted to create one for myself.  

I love the way it looks in my living room on my brown leather couch!

I found this sweater at the thrift store for less than $5.  I bought an extra large so I would be sure to have enough sweater to work with.  

I measured my feather pillow insert and figured out how big to sew the sweater.  
I marked it with some straight pins.  (not pictured)

Then I turned it inside out and sewed around 3 sides, leaving the bottom of the sweater open.  

Then I cut off the neck and arms (saving them for a later project).

I turned it right side out and stuffed the feather pillow inside.  

To close the bottom of the pillow, I folded it similar to wrapping a gift:  
sides in first, then the top, then the bottom.

Then I loosely whip stitched it closed.  
When I am done with this cover, I can easily clip the thread, 
undo the stitches and pull the cover off of the pillow.  

Super simple and cozy for the season!!

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