Young Women/Young Men LDS Missionary activity

Looking for a fun activity to do with your combined Young Women and Young Men group?  A fun and exciting way to get the youth excited about missionary work is a

YW/YM combined Missionary Activity

young men young women combined missionary activity

Our ward had a really fun YW/YM combined activity.  Sometimes midweek activities are hard to plan, but this Missionary Activity worked out really well.  Everyone had a great time! We have a pretty small youth group so all of the youth were able to participate in this activity at once. 

YW/YM Missionary Activity Idea

ideas for a YM/YW missionary midweek activity

Each of the youth received a list of missionary activities.  Get a copy here.  As leaders, we had the stations marked around the church.  Here is a copy of the missionary tags for elders and for sisters.

Mission Prep

The young men and young women received their mission call which also helped them find out who their companions were.    I typed a letter that had where each yw/ym "would be serving."  They then had to ask each other who had the same mission call to find out who their companion was.  Here is a copy of the "mission call" we used.  

YW/YM Missionary Activity - dress like a missionary

Then they dressed in their missionary attire.   The girls had a choice of skirts and button up shirt or cardigans.  I used some of my own clothes and also purchased a bunch from Goodwill.  

The boys had to tie their own tie.  Our YM president taught the YM this.  

After they were dressed properly, the youth had to find their mission on the map and put a sticky note with their names on it. 


The next stop was the MTC where they had to choose 2 of these 3 activities:  

-read lesson 1 of Preach my Gospel and write 4 things to teach an investigator
-memorize D&C 4:1-3
-learn 2 sentences in a foreign language

To prep this activity, I had copies of Preach My Gospel and paper to write the things they would teach an investigator.  We also had a poster with the words from D&C 4:1-3 written on to help them memorize it.  They had to pass it off with an adult.

YW/YM Missionary Activity - learn a language

2 sentences were written in French and Spanish.  "Where is the bathroom?" and  "Will you read the Book of Mormon?"  I just used Google translate to do this.


YW/YM Missionary Activity - make a paper airplane and fly it into a circle

After the MTC, the youth went to the airport. They had to fold a paper airplane and keep flying it until it landed on an X.  It was harder than everyone thought and it took quite a few tries.

Mission Field

YW/YM Missionary Activity - learn to press a shirt

Then the youth went to the Mission Field.  There they had to sew on a button, press a shirt and then write a letter to the missionaries from our ward who are serving.   We had a table set up with pieces of fabric so they could sew on buttons. There was also an ironing board and iron and they learned to press a shirt.

On the other side of the gym, we had a table set up with pens, note cards and the names of the missionaries that are serving from our ward.  

We found some guidelines for writing to missionaries.  One of our YW leaders had this poster printed as an Engineer Print at Staples.  

The YW/YM Missionary Activity was such a fun activity for everyone!  I think everyone had a good time as they learned some things about serving a mission.