Nashville Antique and Garden Show with Style Blue Print

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to go to the Nashville Antique and Garden Show.

While I was there, I was able to sit in on a panel with some top names in the design industry.

Margot Shaw of Flower Magazine
Christopher Spitzmiller of Christopher Spitzmiller, Inc
Kreis Beall of Blackberry Farm

Suzanne Kasler of Suzanne Kasler Interiors
Carolyn Englefield of Veranda magazine

I am just a lowly girl that blogs. 
 I am not fancy at all.  
For heaven's sake- my blog's name is She's Crafty.  I'm a crafty girl.  Not a designer.  
So I felt super lucky to be there.  
I could not believe I was in the same room as these huge name designers.  

After the quick welcoming talk, we moved to a different room, overlooking the entire show, for a champagne reception. (or diet coke in my case) 

This was a very intimate gathering where we actually got to chat, face to face, with these very talented, and well known men and women.  

I took tons of notes.  Some of my favorite quotes were:

"Do what you love.  Follow your instincts,  Don't let fear set you back."  -Carolyn Englefield
"Parties, fashion and entertaining are all an extension of yourself.  Be you and be authentic.  Don't try to be someone else."  -Margot Shaw
"Design requires practice and some failure."  Christopher Spitzmiller
"Know who you are and what you like."  -Michael Devine
When asked by one of the bloggers, how one should find their own style- "If you respond to something, you should use it."  That is whether it is on trend/in style, or not.  
-Suzanne Kassler
When asked how to keep inspired- "Keep your eyes and your mind opened enough to see the beauty around you."  -Carolyn Englefield

After the panel discussion, I was able to walk around the showroom
and look at the amazing gardens and antiques.  

There were so many things I wanted to take home, including these amazing topiaries.

The champagne (diet coke) reception was hosted by Style Blue Print
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I downloaded the app and am looking forward to using it the next time I head to Nashville.